well, i went to the wedding rehearsal and the best man (the one who i was going to walk down the long isle with) wasn’t there because he was preforming at a gig.  so i had to walk down all by myself for half of the way.  and there’s all these little things i have to remember and suchwhats.  and then we all went to dinner- a bunch of people related to me – and i sat at the end of the table and kinda…just sat there… i felt really out of place.  i can’t really relate to anyone in my family.  but then my sister’s friend jennifer came over and we talked about how people are immature and how high school is better than middle school.  yes, she is very cool.  a+.  it made the loneliness go away for a short while.  but it soon returned as we got home.  and everyone was at alyssa’s… and i wasn’t?  and i don’t know. 



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  1. im sorry, ive been left out of activities/plans too, i came to get used to it and accept its apart of life and it happens, and i shouldnt let it get to me.
    sorry if that sounded mean.


  2. yes, i have also been left out *cough* clockwork orange? *cough* but eh, what can you do?
    I understand about how you feel with the family situation, I talk to my brother and that is all.


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