i want to go to borders.  today little kids cam in from indian prairie.  little first graders.  they were so small.  i got paired up with a girl named brianna and i was suposed to read her a book so i read “if you give a mouse a cookie”.  she seemed bored.  and when i finished we had 35 minutes left, and it was very awkward.  it turns out i have trouble talking to kids.  after a long pause i asked her. “so…uh…*cough*  what’s you’re favorite….band?” and she replied, “…kids bop five.”  and that was pretty much our whole conversation.  so, let’s go to borders.  eh? 


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  1. haha! Kaitlin, first graders dont know who bands are, fool. I have kids bop 5…. I actaully own the whole damned collection of kids bops 1 to 5, of course.


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