so heroin bob was named as such ’cause he was afraid of needles, but you know not just needles, the guy was afraid of drugs too. we couldn’t even get him to take a damn asprin. he drank, and he smoked cigarettes, but that was it.


“wow.  that’s amazing.”


“…you’re amazing.”

 i saw these three really hot boys at the mall and they were all sitting on their bums cross-legged and i wanted to join.  but i didn’t because, well, you know me.  i also saw this huge pile of lady on a motorized chair.  if i ever got fat like that i would kill myself.  its just a blob of flesh and bones staring you in the face and its so awkward when they slowly pass by because its such an unusual sight and you’re drawn to it (as sick as that may sound).  i never know what else to look at.  my feet? 

anywho, i’m probably the least excited person about school you’ll meet.  it’s quite the oposite.  i really don’t know what i am going to do.  just be one of the loners that no one hangs around or aknowledges.  oh well, it’s the last year of middle school.  i’ll just mouth off to all the teachers and get my sick kicks that way.  or maybe not.

oh my god.  i love the singer for the walkmen.  death cab was awesome!!!!!  as was modest mouse!!!!!!!! they played my favorite song.  when it got dark i was like “hey…. do you realize that we’re completely surounded by boys?” there were no girls in sight and it was really funny.  and the guys all around us were very nice like the one in the hat he was like “woops, excuse me.” cause devin was taking a picture.  man, that was so fun.